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Sons of the Forest: How many players can play the survival title together on Steam?

With Sons of the Forest, the popular survival game “The Forest” gets a sequel that you can play cooperatively with your friends. But how many players can experience the title together?

In Sons of the Forest you are trapped on a remote island where mutant cannibals roam and fight for your life with a choice of melee and ranged weapons. Your goal is to save a billionaire. However, you are not on your own, because you can count on your friends for support.

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How many players can play together? In Sons of the Forest you can play together with up to 8 players and fight for survival.

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However, this also means that you don’t necessarily have to throw yourself into the wilderness with eight players. The survival title can also be played with two, three or even solo – but only on Steam for the time being.


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What was the predecessor like? The Forest, the predecessor of Sons of the Forest, was playable in co-op with up to eight players and even in local couch co-op.


However, playing together online had a catch: there was a host that started the session and all players had to wait for the host to be online before rejoining the game world with the progress already made. Dedicated servers, as recently announced by genre competitor Nightingale, did not exist.

Before you embark on your adventure in Sons of the Forest, whether alone or cooperatively with friends, MeinMMO editor Maik Schneider has 5 tips for you on how to survive the first night in the survival game.

Sons of the Forest: 5 tips for surviving your first night