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Sons of the Forest is a huge hit on Twitch, 719,000 viewers at release – You can watch on these streamers

There were problems with the servers when Sons of the Forest was released on Steam. Fans were unable to purchase the game or even access the store page at all. The game is already a huge success on Twitch and many streamers are showing the new survival game. MeinMMO recommends you some channels.

What’s going on at Sons of the Forest? When it was released, Sons of the Forest already had 719,000 viewers – and the trend is rising. The long-running hit, League of Legends, only sees around 300,000 viewers at the same time.

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One of the reasons for the rush is that the Steam servers couldn’t withstand the release of Sons of the Forest. There were issues where the Sons of the Forest page would not open or the game could not be added to the shopping cart. You can find out more about the release in our ticker.

However, some streamers were lucky enough to receive the game as a gift from viewers early on or be able to buy it. If you want to check out the game before you buy it, here are recommendations.

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where can i watch We looked around and recommend a few streamers where you can get a first impression of Sons of the Forest:

  • Gronkh already has access to Sons of the Forest and even has the biggest channel internationally for the game right now.
  • Trymacs is one of the largest German streamers. He wants to gamble 72 hours straight.
  • A personal recommendation is the German streamer Cirouss, who started a co-op session directly. Cirouss has entertained me for years with his open, warm and funny manner.
  • CohhCarnage is also showing Sons of the Forest if you prefer to watch in English.
  • You can also find an overview directly on Twitch of who is currently streaming Sons of the Forest.
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In our video we show you the most important information about Sons of the Forest in 2 minutes:


Sons of the Forest is the most anticipated survival game on Steam – All information in 2 minutes


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Is Sons of the Forest worth it?

The streams can help you get a better sense of Sons of the Forest. The survival game relies heavily on horror elements and is probably not exactly easy. If you’re looking for a “relaxed” game, you’ve probably come to the wrong place.

But if you are looking for a challenge, strong survival elements and an interesting story, you should check out Sons of the Forest. Information about the gameplay can be found in our overview:

Sons of the Forest: Everything about release, story and gameplay


Sons of the Forest can be played solo or with up to 8 players in co-op. You will also be accompanied by NPC companions, but you have to treat them well enough so that they don’t go limp.

The game costs 28.99 euros on Steam and will not be available for PlayStation or Xbox for the time being. If you are considering buying Sons of the Forest, here are a few tips for you:

5 things you should know before buying Sons of the Forest on Steam