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Sons of the Forest is said to have really smart NPCs – players claim: This is all a lie

Throughout the long development period, the creators of Sons of the Forest have explained what makes the game so special. A big point: the behavior of opponents. But the AI ​​doesn’t work at all, some fans now claim. what’s up

What’s the deal with NPCs? One of the great features of Sons of the Forest are the NPCs, who react differently to you and are supposed to have their own personality. This should make them more dangerous and interesting as opponents.

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The idea itself is quite simple: if you are friendly, opponents will not attack you at first. Cannibals also fight each other or have trouble with mutants. On the other hand, if you are particularly cruel to opponents, they will take revenge.

You should be able to decide how you prefer to proceed – cautiously or aggressively? Apparently this isn’t going to work that well.


Here’s what players are saying: In a huge thread on reddit, hundreds of players are currently discussing artificial intelligence in Sons of the Forest. The creator’s allegations:

  • Cannibals are not that intelligent, they don’t patrol and would just show up instead of actively coming out of their camps
  • different tribes did not wage war
  • there is no “call” system as promised
  • Deterrents like heads on sticks would have no effect
  • every encounter is the same, the groups of opponents are also all similar or identical in structure
  • Mutants don’t crawl out of caves, they would just spawn like that, sometimes in the camp
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There are also some problems with Kelvin and Virginia, such as getting stuck even though there are doors and passageways right next to them that they can use. By the way: if you lose both of them, you can let Kelvin and Virginia respawn with a trick.

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MeinMMO video producer Anna Alberg had quite a struggle with the opponents. You can see your first steps in Sons of the Forest here:

Sons of the Forest: Fear, laughter and a team kill after 30 seconds – That’s how crazy our first hours are


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“I think the AI ​​works”

The discussion has now resulted in over 413 comments. Some agree that AI is not what was promised. However, Sons of the Forest is still unexpectedly in Early Access, rather than in a finished state as originally announced.

However, some users, who seem to have deeper expertise, disagree. boisteroushams says: If you look at what’s going on in debug mode, there’s a lot more happening with NPC opponents than you’d expect. There’s a lot going on in the background.


The user ZeroaFH even tested it himself. After he had finished the game, he loaded a saved game after 10 days because the aggressiveness was not that high there. There he was actually able to observe intelligent behavior in NPCs. He says:

“I think the AI ​​is in play and working, but it takes several factors before that becomes obvious. As more cannibal tribes come I think this will grow a lot more.

The only enemy that feels out of place in terms of AI behavior is the scrawny mud men. At first, they watch from a distance and follow you from a distance. But once the aggressiveness is high enough, it feels like they always notice you no matter what your stealth meter is.”

Other players compare the AI ​​with that of the first part of The Forest. At first it seemed very rudimentary, but there are many nuances. There are just too many factors that ultimately result in an opponent just slapping you in the face.


The developers have already announced that Sons of the Forest will be further developed and will receive new content. At the moment they are in the process of fixing bugs and keep releasing hotfixes for it. A console version in the future is at least not out of the question:

Sons of the Forest for PS5, PS4 and Xbox? All info