Sons of the Forest is updated to add just one thing, and it’s the best thing that could have happened to the game

If you’ve been paying attention to the internet in recent days, you know that Sons of the Forest has become the video game that everyone is talking about. Survival came to early access by surprise, and its developers they are not wasting time now that it is a success. Today it’s time to talk about its new update, which brings a crucial addition to this adventure.

If, like me, you’ve spent your weekend with Sons of the Forest, you know that one of the most difficult situations you can find yourself in is being ambushed, not having a pistol or shotgun handy, and having to get into to rummage through your inventory to take it out and defend yourself. Now, that has been done much easier.

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And it is that the last update of the Endnight Games title gives us the possibility of linking 10 objects from our inventory to the 0-9 keys of our keyboard, making us not have to open the inventory or take out the backpack to defend ourselves from unpleasant surprises. While it is true that this change makes the game much easier, it has been well received by the community, and if you don’t like it, you can choose not to use it.

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The new patch also brings other small additions, such as the possibility of using the Esc key to exit the inventory or the use of the construction manual, changes in the interface when we want to skip a scene of videos or a few new tutorials that will serve to give a clearer experience.

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The patch is already available for download on Steam, so from now on you can enjoy a less harsh experience in Sons of the Forest. The title does not stop improving, and little by little it is taking shape to be one of the coolest survival games on the market. Beware of mutants!