Sons of the Forest Launch Trailer Reveals Interesting New Details About Its Gameplay

There is less and less left for the release of the long-awaited Sons of the Forest, the direct sequel to the first-person survival The Forest, released in 2018. The next 23 of February It will already be available for PC on Steam, after having suffered some delays in development.

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In this installment you will be sent to look for a missing billionaire on a remote island, there you will find an island infested with cannibals. You will have to, create, build and fight to survive. With this premise, Endnight Gameshas presented through a new trailer with images of the game, the details and some news that we find.

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The main novelty presented is that its Companion NPCswhich had already been presented previously, may also be use within cooperative mode on-line. These will obey the orders of the game creator as well as his companions. From what we see in the video, they won’t be able to use weapons, but they will alert us if a cannibal is near us.

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Sons of the Forest