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Sons of the Forest: Map with the most important locations


The map in Sons of the Forest already shows you the most important locations, but is a bit unwieldy. Therefore you will find an interactive map here, which is equipped with many points of interest.

In Sons of the Forest you have a small GPS device for your wanderings through the forest:

  • M – Opens/closes the map
  • Mouse Wheel Click – Zooms the map

However, if you would like more information about the many small spots on the map, you will find an interactive map here that is constantly being expanded. The map comes from colleagues on the site

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Points on the map:

  • cannibal camps
  • crash sites
  • caves
  • Abandoned Camps
  • places to dig
  • loot spots
  • GPS signals
  • More POIs

Click on one of the dots and you will also discover a screenshot of the location and often an inventory list of the items you can find there. The map is filled by users and constantly expanded.

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If you are looking for an alternative, take a look at Mapgenie’s interactive map – via There are more markers here and you can determine the points shown.

Tip for newcomers: Sons of the Forest is pretty quick to play through if you use guides. The survival hit offers the best experience when you go exploring yourself.

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Plow the caves little by little, don’t be guided by guides or maps – use the in-game map to make your plans.

There are now Sons of the Forest speedruns that complete the game in minutes. However, Forest 2 also lives from the fact that you first have to find out how to proceed.


German Twitch Streamer finishes Sons of the Forest in 9.5 minutes – Speedrun is one of the 10 best worldwide