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Sons of the Forest: This interactive map is perfect to start the game

We show you an interactive map that is very good for the start of the game.

We show you an interactive map that is very good for the start of the game.

Immediately after the start of the game, Sons of the Forest releases you into an expansive open world in which there is a lot to discover. So that you can find the most important points in one place at the start of the game, our Polish colleagues from the Gamepressure site have built an interactive map, which we would like to present to you here in more detail and which we hope will help you to keep track of things at the start of the game.

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That shows the interactive map?

  • camps
  • caves
  • cannibal camp
  • Shovel Spots
  • Heli crash sites
  • loot
  • Interesting places
  • transmitters

So that you can call up the interactive map directly, we have included it here for you:

Perfect for game start: For the first few hours of playing Sons of the Forest, we felt that we first had to get an overview of the dangers on the island and also wanted to explore many of the caves in order to progress in the story.


In them you will find the shovel that is so important for progress in the survival game, with which you can dig up graves:

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Interactive map still in progress

What you see above is the first version of an interactive map from Gamepressure, which, as mentioned, contains everything you need to know about starting the game. In the coming days and weeks, the map will be provided with many more markers and locations of important items that should help you on your way through the survival game.


Do you already want to see a map of the Sons of community with all localities, here is the link to Mapgenie, where you can find crafting items and various animal species, among other things.

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GamePro Poll on Sons of the Forest

A lot of hype has broken out about the early access start of The Forest’s successor and we are right to look at the numerous positive reviews on Steam. That’s why we want to know from you in a survey about Sons of the Forest how you currently like the PC game and where you still see room for improvement.