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Sons of the Forest will launch on February 23 as an early access game

Endnight Games has announced a fundamental change in the development and release of Sons of the Forestthe long-awaited sequel to The Forest: when it hits steam on february 23rd it will do so as an early access game and not as a finished titleas originally announced.

A last minute change

“It’s been a long journey since we started development of Sons of the Forest and has grown to be the biggest and most complex game we’ve ever made.“, can be read in the statement that Endnight Games has issued. “There are still many more things that we want to add; items, new mechanics, improve game balance and more. We didn’t want to delay it again so instead we decided to involve the community in the development of this project and keep February 23rd as our release date, albeit making it now as an Early Access game.”

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The Forest was a huge success thanks to our amazing community and the suggestions, feedback, and bug reports that players shared with us. We are very excited and hope that players will want to embark on this new journey with us. to make it the ultimate survival horror simulator.”

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The sequel to The Forest

Sons of the Forest will propose us to survive on a terrifying island with up to seven other players while we face all kinds of monsters and cannibals willing to finish us off at the slightest chance they get and whose AI has been greatly improved. This time the map will be four times larger than in the first installment and will change seasons as we progress through the story.

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Its original announcement took place at the end of 2020 and since then it has suffered several delaysincluding this confirmation that it will now be released on February 23 as an early access title and not as a full product.

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