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Sony Announces New Adult-Rated Spider-Man Movie

sony announces new adult rated spider man movie

Sony has officially announced that the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off, Kraven The Hunter, will officially be the first Spider-Man movie to receive an R rating via hypebeast.

The film stars Aaron-Taylor-Johnson as Sergei Kravinoff, aka Kraven, and will follow the character on his quest to become the world’s greatest hunter, which will pit him against another classic Spider-Man villain, The Rhino. .


However, it will have no connection to Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, instead being part of the Sony Spider-Man Universe. Although no official trailer has been released, footage was revealed during Sony’s CinemaCon 2023, showing a scene in which Kraven violently dispatches a group of poachers, even going so far as to bite off their noses. Spider-Man fans only familiar with the movies may be surprised by the R-rating, but those who follow Kraven in the comics will know that the hunter is one of the most dangerous and violent villains in Spidey’s rogues gallery.

His appearance as a normal human being is incredibly deceptive, as he does, in fact, have some superpowers at his disposal, such as remarkable strength, enhanced senses, stamina, and incredible hand-to-hand combat abilities. He has hunted Spider-Man on several occasions and nearly killed him.

He also uses a wide range of weaponry to take down his targets, such as spears, knives, axes, etc., so definitely expect some bloodshed when the movie opens.


It is believed that Spider-Man himself will not appear in the film, but it is likely that there will be at least a few nods and references to the wall-crawler and his adventures. The film suffered a setback due to delays during its production, but will now hit theaters on October 6 later this year.