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Sony confirms that 30% of PS5 gamers never had a PS4

If we make a comparison of the best-selling consoles in recent years, the answer is clear and resounding, the Nintendo Switch leads sales. Although here we must highlight a slight change, because at the end of 2022, the Switch was still the leader, but PS5 achieved second place with higher profits. The PS5 has not been the best seller in history, but sony believe that still there are many consoles to sellsince it affirms that almost the 30% of PS5 gamer users have never used the PS4which implies that they are attracting new users.

The next generation consoles arrived in 2020 in the form of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Although these offered a much higher power and claimed to reach resolutions 4K and 60FPS in certain games, sales have not been as high as expected. Although we have been in the market for just over 2 years, the lack of stockthe shortage of chips and the high pricesSales have been greatly reduced. In fact, the Nintendo switches launched in 2017 is still leader in sales every passing year. This portable console does not seem to be affected by the next gen or its lack of power to run modern games.

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Sony is positive with its PS5 and believes that it can attract more players

PlayStation 5 gamers controllers

The playstation 5 It is far from exceeding the number of units sold of the popular PlayStation 2, but it has already reached a not inconsiderable figure of 30 million. Of all these consoles sold, Sony ensures that there are a good number of new users. To strengthen his argument, he confirms that almost the 30% of monthly active users from PS5 they never used a PS4. Therefore, it can be observed that a growth in terms of new players who were foreEsports Extrasto the platform.

Of course, these published data have fine print, since in another document Sony defined monthly active users as: “estimated total number of unique accounts that played or used PlayStation Network in the last month quarter”. In addition to this, it is indicated that the total number of PlayStation Plus users was 46.4 million in the third quarter, a drop from whats 48 million of the previous year, but above the 45.5 million users from last quarter.

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They expect PS5 sales to double those of PS4 in 2023


The Japanese company starts 2023 in a very optimistic way, since it expects to exceed its sales figures to a large extent. Perhaps she is too positive with her numbers, due to the fact that she hopes to achieve 6.2 million units sold in the first three months of 2023. To give us an idea, this would imply double PS4 sales record (3 million) before the end of the term next March 31st. This implies that Sony is confident in its PS5 and believes that player demand will be high enough to meet those results.

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Although as we all know, this factor falls apart if there are others that are not attractive to potential customers. Here we would have a higher price than its competition (Xbox Series X) and a clear lack of availability. The lack of stock of consoles is what causes us to see them being sold at a higher price than the official one. If we take into account that in summer of 2022 the PS5 has already raised 50 euros, even worse. Now, about what they will do to achieve this sales figure, since there are several alternatives.

They may have really succeeded end supply problems as indicated at the beginning of 2023. It could also mean a price discount of the console, although it would be strange after the rise of a few months ago. Finally, it must be remembered that during 2023 there will be a new PS5 that will be thinner and lighteralthough it will not be playstation 5 slim what was expected


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