Sony confirms that PS Plus Collection will no longer be available on PS5 from May 9

PS Plus Collection is a selection of PS4 greatest hits offered free to PS5 users with a PlayStation Plus subscription. This collection has been available since the launch of the next generation console from Sony more than two years ago. Now the company has announced that it will no longer be offered to subscribers, although those who have added it to their libraries will be able to continue accessing them as long as they keep their PS Plus membership active.

“We would like to take this opportunity to discuss the PlayStation Plus Collection service that has been offered to PS5 players with an active PlayStation Plus subscription since 2020. PlayStation Plus Collection stop being available from May 9. If you have not redeemed the games from this service yet, you can do so until May 9 to continue accessing them as long as you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription,” we read on the official PlayStation USA blog.

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What happens to already claimed PS Plus Collection games?

As they explain from PlayStation, those PS Plus Collection games already claimed will remain associated with our library in the same way as the monthly PS Plus Essential games. That is to say, although as of May 9 they cannot continue to be obtained for free, those that we have already obtained for free will not disappear from our account. They will continue to be accessible for as long as we are subscribed to PS Plus, even if the PS Plus Collection ceases to exist. It is for this reason that from Sony itself we are recommended to redeem the games that interest us before May 9.

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What games are included in PS Plus Collection and how to get them?

The selection of PS Plus Collection games includes some of the The best PlayStation 4 titles, both developed by the PlayStation Studios teams and third-party productions. These are all the 20 games available in the collection:

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It should be remembered that, although it is a collection designed for PS5 players, the PS Plus Collection games They are also compatible with PS4although to obtain them on the last generation console you have to add them one by one to the library from a PS5.