Sony could be preparing a new PlayStation platform for PC with trophies included

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sony could be preparing a new playstation platform for pc

That sony is betting more and more on the PC, it is not a secret to anyone: although its exclusives take a while to reach this platform, More and more PlayStation Studios games are available for computers in addition to PS5 and PS4. In fact, this segment of their business (along with PS VR and peripherals) earned them $2.5 billion in 2022.

That is why it is not surprising that their interest continues to grow until they want to have their own platform for PC. This is what new information published by the True Trophies website points to, which has discovered a new mention of something called ‘PSPC’. The interesting thing about this leak is that it is associated with a list of PlayStation trophies, although not related to any specific game: sources say that it could be a test set before implement PlayStation trophies on PC.

It is not the first time that mentions of a PlayStation platform for PC have been discovered

Although this unofficial information is mere speculation based on a leak, the truth is that It is not the first time that mentions appear to an alleged PlayStation platform for PC: during the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered On computers, a mention of a platform called ‘PlayStation PC Launcher’. A couple of months later, the game was updated with the function of linking the PSN account to the PC version to obtain extra rewards, which many people considered a first step towards the arrival of Sony’s own platform on computers.

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