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Sony has sold more than 585 million PlayStation consoles and portable devices

From the original PlayStation to the Vita and PS5, Sony has sold more than 585 million units of hardware worldwide from 1994 to the present.

Nintendo has sold more video game systems than anyone with more than 800 million units shipped, but Sony is firmly in second place. The latest console shipment numbers from Sony’s holiday 2022 earnings report show that PS5 sales are finally starting to pick up due to increased availability. This new wave of shipments shows us where PlayStation currently stands and the overall growth potential of its hardware.

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Sony shipped 7.1 million PS5 consoles in Holiday 2022, bringing total PS5 shipments to 32.1 million and also raising total platform unit shipments. According to figures provided by Sony and compiled by us, the PlayStation brand has shipped 585.6 million consoles and handheld devices over the lifetime of each system. The data ranges from PS1 to PS5 and also includes PS Vita and PSP shipments.

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Sony expects to ship a total of 19 million PlayStation 5 consoles by March 2023. Currently, the company has shipped 12.8 million PS5s, which means Sony will have to break a new record and ship 6.2 million systems in a quarter period. quarter. This has never been done before in the history of the PlayStation brand.

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