Sony usually announces the upcoming free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers on the last Wednesday of the current month. But this time the company is breaking with the old tradition and is taking a little longer with the announcement. But there is a good and simple explanation for this.

PlayStation 4

New PS Plus games won’t be revealed until June

Many PlayStation Plus subscribers have certainly already marked the last Wednesday of the month in red on their calendars – because on this day Sony reliably reveals at 5:30 p.m. which new free games all members of the online service can dust off for free in the following month .

But this time Sony is making an exception – for a good reason. Because normally the free games are presented on Wednesday and published on Tuesday in the following week. But this calculation would not work this time if Sony made the announcement on May 25th. Then the free games would already be published on May 31st – but since the new games will not be made available for free until June 7th at around 12 noon, the announcement date for the new games has been pushed back to June 1, 2022.

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Is there another PS Plus leak?

It is not yet known which games Sony will make available free of charge for subscribers in June. In the past, French bargain website Dealabs’ predictions have always proved correct. However, these only leaked the free games one day before the official announcement. So fans will have to wait a few more days anyway to see what they can get their hands on for free next time.

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