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Sony made $2.5 billion from PlayStation games on PC last year

sony made $2.5 billion from playstation games on pc last

The arrival of PS5 and PS4 games on computers is being very beneficial for Sony: the company entered 2.5 billion dollars thanks to these ports for PC during the past fiscal year, according to what we read in its latest financial report. The figure represents a new record for the company.

In total, during the past fiscal year, Sony earned $27 billion. Of that number, 6400 million correspond to the sale of games both on consoles and computers: taking into account that the segment of ports for PC generated 2.5 billion dollars, we would be talking about how this new Sony business brings them almost 40% of the total of its income from the sale of software.


Sony’s PC gaming revenue has nearly doubled since 2019

To get an idea of ​​how Sony’s commitment to the PC has worked, the company itself has shared a graph that reflects growth since the 1.3 billion dollars entered by this business in 2019 to the 2.5 billion that have been registered in 2022. The previous year, fiscal year 2021, Sony earned 1.668 billion dollars coinciding with the launch of the versions of days gone and god of war for computers.

Sony's revenue from the sale of PC games.

Two more successful PC games were released in the past fiscal year: returnable and The Last of Us Part I. In its launch window, Sony income 1080 million dollars of this segment; This is not to say that only these two games have achieved that number, but there was a notable increase compared to the previous period (in the quarter in which they were released). Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Uncharted: Thieves’ Legacy Collection they entered 529 million of dollars).

Seeing these figures, it is not surprising that Hiroki Totoki, president of Sony, has confirmed that They will continue betting on the PC in successive fiscal years.