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Sony must cut PS VR2 price to ‘avoid total disaster’, report claims

PlayStation VR2 debuted on February 22 and, in general, the comments received by this new virtual reality device designed for PlayStation 5 were very positive, both from the specialized press and from the users who decided to get hold of it. However, despite the fact that Sony has declared that it is satisfied with the performance that its new device is having in terms of sales, a report published by Bloomberg affirms that the company’s enthusiasm does not make much sense since fewer than 300,000 units have been sold worldwide so far.


To be more specific, between its release at the end of February until the end of March it is estimated that about 270,000 units have been sold as reported by IDC, a prestigious research and analysis company. On the other hand, Francisco Jerónimo, vice president of data and analysis of the aforementioned company, has assured in a statement that this is due to the “increase in the cost of living, interest rates and layoffs” that are occurring around the world. . “I suspect that It will be necessary to cut the price of PSVR2 to avoid a total disaster of its new product”, he added.

A device with a future ahead?

“Although as a device it is practically flawless, we cannot forget that what will end up deciding their success or not will be their games. PlayStation VR2 has the technology, power, features and amenities necessary to cultivate a catalog of authentic luxury, so it only remains to be seen if Sony and the rest of the studios give it the support it deserves so that it develops its full potential and we can enjoy a wide variety of unforgettable experiences that would not be possible in any other format”, we conclude in our analysis.