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Sony offered support for the development of Final Fantasy XVI

One of the keys to the success of sony They are exclusive games, Fiest Party or temporary exclusivities, the latter being an option that has become popular in recent years. One of those games that has been captured as exclusive for consoles PlayStation is Final Fantasy XVI. Interestingly, speaking to 4Gamer recently (translated by @Genki_JPN on Twitter), producer Naoki Yoshida has shed more light on why. Square Enix he ended up signing an exclusivity deal with Sony in the first place.

Yoshida revealed that final fantasy 16 received development support from Sony, with PlayStation engineers providing “generous support” when it comes to optimizing the game for the PS5 hardware. That, according to Yoshida, was an “important factor” for Square Enix to sEsports Extrasthe exclusivity deal, while he also commented that Sony’s support also helped the development team focus more on the game’s production and optimization.

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“I think there is that kind of intention on the part of the hardware manufacturer as well. However, from our point of view, the technical support we receive from the hardware manufacturer is an important factor in signing some contracts. This time, there was a part where we were developing together with SIE engineers who know the hardware down to the core, and we received generous support on optimization that we couldn’t manage on our own, etc. Also, by not developing on the premise of multiple platforms, we could put more man hours into things like game building and optimization.”

The period of timed exclusivity of final fantasy 16 for the PS5 it lasts six months, but recently, Yoshida also clarified that that doesn’t mean the game will release for PC once those six months are up. Even though a PC version is something Square Enix intends to release eventually, optimizing it will take a lot longer than that.

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final fantasy 16 It will be out on June 22 if all goes to plan. Recently, it was announced that the game will have a demo several weeks before launch.