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Sony reduces production of its PS VR2, reservations have disappointed

What seemed to be the preamble to a TOP selling product, seems to be one that, at first and except for surprise, will go unnoticed. Many manufacturers of Virtual or Augmented Reality products had their hopes pinned on 2022 and then 2023 as the disruptive year, supported by brands such as Meta, HTC or Valve. The last one in contention and with the greatest projection was Sony, but it does not seem that it is going to happen either, since its PSVR2 They have disappointed in reserves, which has made the Japanese move token.

PlayStation VR2, also known as PS VR2 has disappointed in reservations, without palliatives. Sony has drastically reduced the projections it had for its launch, which will take place shortly, and is already notifying its suppliers of the sales forecasts, which it seems will not be good at all.


Sony fears the worst with PS VR2 reservations, will it be a flop?

PlayStation PS VR2 Glasses compatible games

Well, looking at the data that is offered… Perhaps not, but either expectations were very high or the product is ultimately not as interesting as Sony’s internal analysis predicted. In any case, the Japanese are already at work and have halved their forecast for shipments ahead of the February 22which is when it will finally be launched on the market, but how much are we talking about in quantity and volume?

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Well, reportedly, the objective was to place nothing less than 2 million glasses in the first quarter of launch, a really high and amazing number. It seems that Sony had high hopes in the adoption of Virtual Reality… And it doesn’t seem like that, at least if we stick to the reservations of the PS VR2.


The problem may come from the reports that were released at the end of last year, where shipments for this type of product were expected to grow an impressive 32% until the 12.8 million unitsbut…

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Is the sector of Virtual Reality and the Metaverse sinking?

Gran Turismo 7PS VR2

Well, the forecasts go down, but everything that surrounds said sector is the same… Or worse. Sony in this regard expected that, in addition to the figures mentioned, the boost in reservations on PS VR2 with titles to come out as Horizon Call of the Mountainas they attracted a strong demand, especially since it has put a lot of effort and support for its console with various game developer studios, and logically, this will bring many high-quality titles to the market in 2023.


But the cost of glasses ($549apart from the $399 in the cheapest version of PS5) may have turned off many buyers. In addition, these glasses are not compatible with other Sony consoles, let alone those from Microsoft or Nintendo, it is, in short, something very niche.

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On the other hand, Meta is also seeing how the sales of its quest 2, Apple is immersed in launching its model and investments in Metaverso in general are not on the rise either, when in 2022 the projection was very high. Perhaps the global economic situation isn’t helping, but in any case, Sony has already sounded the alarm to its suppliers, telling them to expect reduced orders for parts like the display panel.


The forecasts have therefore been lowered to 1.5 million between April and March… But of 2024In other words, what they expected to send in almost two months are now the forecasts for all of 2023 and part of 2024, which is when the financial analyzes in Japan are closed. That already gives you a quick look at how the market is doing and how PS VR2 pre-orders for Sony have been doing.

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