Sony reviews the news from PlayStation Indies and PlayStation Talents in July

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sony reviews the news from playstation indies and playstation talents

PlayStation USA has reviewed the news of July in terms of indie games, announcements of dates, the latest releases and those that will arrive in the coming months on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and the PS Plus subscription with the PlayStation Indies and PlayStation Talents programs, which supports the creation of independent developments from USAand Portuguese studios. We remind you that the call for the 10th Edition of the PlayStation Awards is open.

killsquad releases on July 20. It is a cooperative action game that mixes the genre twin stick shooter with hack and slash. Choose your hero, skills and weapons to face hordes of aliens and bosses with your friends to bring order to the five planets.

Kittengumi: The Thief of the Sakabato it’s a new nJapanese visual novel developed by the Barcelona studio Guarida Games, which will be the beginning of a saga. The game takes us to an alternative Japan (Gapn), where its protagonists, a cat and a panda, will have to uncover the real thief of the Sakabato treasure.

Dark Life: Excaliburthe game winner of the PlayStation Talents Awards 2020, has presented a new trailer. The video game is being developed by Zero Studios and proposes an action-adventure story based on an epic fantasy world. The trailer shows the fantastic and dreamlike setting of the game, as well as part of the gameplay, where the intense combats will be the protagonists.

now available

gylt It is already on sale on new platforms after passing through Google Stadia. Mix fantasy and reality in a surreal place where the nightmares of the protagonist, Sally, come true. In this narrative puzzle adventure game, players will be able to think of strategies to distract the creatures from the protagonist’s twisted version of reality, which Sally stumbles upon after being chased by a group of thugs.

Inner Ashes it’s already available. Is a Madrid narrative adventure Calthea Game Studio which reveals the story of Henry, a forest agent suffering from Alzheimer’s, and his daughter Enid, as they recover the fragments of their memories.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is the enigmatic sequel to OXENFREE, the adventure game from Night School Studio. In this supernatural thriller, Riley returns to her hometown, Camena, to investigate mysterious radio signals.. Use the new walkie-talkie communication system to talk with friends and acquaintances and understand the mysteries that Camena holds. Ask for information, talk to the locals or pay them no attention. The decision is yours. And there will be consequences.

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