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Sony’s DualSense Edge is a great upgrade and pro controller for the PS5 if you really need it

The DualSense Edge is Sony’s first official pro controller for the PS5. MeinMMO editor Benedikt Schlotmann was able to test the DualSense Edge for you and reveals whether the new Pro Controller is worth it for you.


The DualSense Edge is the first official pro controller from PlayStation/Sony. Accordingly, the expectations are high that the manufacturer will deliver a good product for its console. Because with SCUF or the aim controller, there are already third-party providers who offer an officially certified pro controller for the PS5.

I was able to try out the controller on my PS5 before it was released and play various games with it. In my test you can read why I like the controller, but why the model is not worth it for every person.

  • Scope of delivery of the DualSense Edge
  • Structure of the DualSense Edge
  • optics and design
  • processing
  • application and setting
  • Ergonomics, weight and battery life
  • Practice test with games
    • Impression of the DualSense Edge
  • Conclusion
model Sony DualSense Edge
Special features Fully customizable, interchangeable analog sticks
Weight 334 grams
Price (RRP) 239.99 euros

Scope of delivery, desEsports Extrasand construction

In the following section I will go into the scope of delivery, the desEsports Extrasand the structure of the DualSense Edge. I explain how big the differences to the normal DualSense really are.

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Scope of delivery of the DualSense Edge

What’s included? The scope of delivery of the DualSense Edge controller is very extensive. But I also expect that for the price of the controller. In addition to the Edge model, the box also contains the following items:

  • braided USB cable
  • protective bag
  • connector housing
  • 2 embroidery caps
  • 2 high round caps
  • 2 low round caps
  • 2 semicircular back keys
  • 2 lever return buttons
  • operation manual

An additional stick module for replacing the controller is not included in the scope of delivery. However, space is reserved for a stick module in the protective bag and can therefore be stowed away without any problems.


Structure of the DualSense Edge

How is the controller structured? Basically, the DualSense Edge is built like the normal model, but there are a few adjustments:

  • Two back paddles can be attached to the back. These are on my middle finger.
  • The thumbsticks can be replaced by stick modules. The front panel must then be removed for this.
  • There are trigger stops on the back, with which the distance of the triggers can be adjusted in three stages. Further settings are possible via the software.
  • Replaceable stick caps. Here you can choose between normal caps, high convex and low convex caps.
  • On the front there are FN keys below the sticks. These buttons can be used to change the profiles for the buttons, for example.
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optics and design

The DualSense Edge will initially only be available on the market in white when it is released on January 26, 2023. In terms of design, the Pro controller differs only slightly from the normal DualSense. Other designs are not yet planned.

The DualSense Edge with protective case and all accessories.

What is different? The area around the analog sticks now has a glossy piano finish and no longer a matte surface. The movement, action buttons and the touchpad are also black, including parts of the back. Tiny PS icons are also engraved on the touchpad.

Personally, I really like the updated desEsports Extrasand the new black details. However, the piano finish is a magnet for fingerprints, so a matte surface like the normal controller would have been better. After just a few moments you have unsightly marks on the pretty controller. Unless you play with gloves.

DualSense Edge and DualSense in comparison
DualSense (top) and DualSense Edge (bottom).


Like the normal DualSense, the DualSense Edge relies on a plastic body. Nothing creaks when the case is pressed lightly, and there is no rattling or rattling noise from loose parts during the shaking test. Due to the higher weight, the DualSense Edge also appears more robust than the normal version.

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Should the notorious stick drift occur, the analog sticks on the Edge can be easily swapped out. The price for a single replacement module is 25 euros and can be purchased directly from Sony.

The rear buttons, the so-called paddles, are made of metal and snap into the Edge’s case via a small mechanism. Once mounted, the paddles are really tight and can be removed from the housing with a little force.


The protective bag in which the controller can be stowed also looks classy and valuable. Controllers and accessories can be safely stowed here, even when moving, everything stays in place and does not slip around.

DualSense Edge PS5 top view with hand
If you hold the DualSense up to the light, you can see the desEsports Extrasof the touchpad.

On the next page I go into settings, the various functions of the DualSense Edge, ergonomics, weight and battery life.