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Soul Survivors – Slay thousands of enemies from Q1 2023 – Esports Extras.

Soul Survivors, the dark fantasy time survival roguelite from developer and publisher Stingbot Games, prepares for an endless onslaught of evil enemies on PC via Steam Early Access in Q1 2023. The first-ever playable Soul Survivors demo will be unveiled during the Steam Next Fest from October 3rd to 10th, with a Nintendo Switch version to follow once Early Access is complete.

Dress up and fight waves of enemies that threaten to overwhelm unprepared champions in the lands of chaos. Weave your way through increasingly difficult enemies, auto-attack to advance your way, and absorb the souls of slain creatures to level up and gain powerful new abilities. Defeat legions of waddling zombies, corrupt mages, and giants in thrilling showdowns on richly detailed Esports Extras-art stages.

Choose one of two character classes available at launch of Early Access, and 6 more are planned for v1.0. Charge into the enemy hordes as a mighty bogatyr or harness the realm’s undead legions as the necromancer. In Soul Survivors, each character class has different active and passive abilities that allow for very different playstyles. Spend the hard-earned gold you’ve collected in the sessions to unlock permanent talent tree upgrades for the different characters, increasing stats and providing even more firepower in subsequent sessions.

Dynamically change a character’s auto attack by spending souls that give you experience. Transform Bogatyr’s standard sword into an AOE-inducing hammer with the Iron Smash ability, or upgrade it to the Butcher’s Blade to unleash powerful overhead blows that can cleave through waves of deadly enemies. Experiment with different characters in numerous iterations to create the perfect champion, capable of surviving thousands of enemies and challenging vicious bosses at the end of each stage, such as the massive Flesh Golem.

Soul Survivors debuts on Steam Early Access with over 24 different enemy types and two playable stages, with more content updates planned as development progresses. Daring adventurers can download a playable demo during the Steam Next Fest from October 3-10, 2022.

“We’re excited to share our first look at Soul Survivors with the world, and even more excited to invite players to try out the game during October’s Steam Next Fest,” said Sterling Selover, designer at Stingbot Games. “Soul Survivors is all about risk and reward as you try to defeat thousands of increasingly difficult enemies and build your character. We’re building too and look forward to sharing even more content when Soul Survivors hits Early Access in early 2023!”

Soul Survivors will be available in Q1 2023 on PC via Steam Early Access with English language support. In addition to the PC version 1.0, there will also be a Nintendo Switch version in the future. For more information, visit the official website, follow Stingbot Games on Twitter and order Soul Survivors today.

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