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Sources: Half-Life 3 was real, but the project was canceled in 2015

The wait for a sequel to what many consider one of the best games of all time continues. But new leaks from a Valve whistleblower now paint a dark picture surrounding the development of Half-Life 3, suggesting that the game was scrapped internally in 2015, which at the time only had ten people working on it.

Apparently, the first version of Half-Life 3 included a dream sequence in which Gordon Freeman experienced fragments of the so-called “Seven Years War”. Something that, according to the story of the game, took place before Half-Life 2 and consisted of the takeover of Earth by the Alien Combine, before finally waking up in a chamber belonging to Aperature Science. In other words, where the games in the Portal series took place.

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Half Life 3 too would have been tied to Portal 2 and it would have taken place some time later, and the players would have had access to robotic arms that allowed Gordon to solve various puzzles, changing the size or temperature of various objects. Once you manage to escape from Aperature’s lab, Gordon discovers that it’s been 20 years since the last time and that he’s in the ruins of an unnamed North American city.

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Tyler McVicker, another well-known and accredited Valve insider, verifies much of this information and also goes on to tell how Half-Life 3 would be a pseudo-open world and much less linear than previous games, featuring procedurally generated missions for the player to play. complete them. Finally, Vicker also mentions that the main reason the entire project was scrapped was internal conflicts at Valvewhere most of the company’s executives preferred to focus on virtual reality.

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Undoubtedly very sad and upsetting news if everything turns out to be true, and surely we can’t get (as usual) any official statement from Valve either. For those of you who want to see the complete video where Tyler McVicker reviews all the information, you can do it here.


Do you think we’ll ever see Half-Life 3, or that we should forget about this sequel forever?

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Will we see him one day?