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Space MMO Star Citizen shows event that looks more like Halo and Battlefield – This is Siege of Orison

Star Citizen is a mega project. A space simulation that now offers so much more than tedious prospecting on remote asteroids. This is proven again by the new trailer for the dynamic event “Siege of Orison”.

Patch Alpha 3.17.2 brought a new dynamic event to Star Citizen. In Siege of Orison you fight for the flying platforms of the planet Crusader. The event is not online yet, but should be available in the next few days.


The trailer for the event places a clear focus on shooter gameplay. Tanks roll over the platforms, positions are defended, the areas are to be cleared of enemies. But attacks from the air can also help.

The event runs in several phases. After the completion of one phase, the next one starts at a later point in time. The whole look is more reminiscent of the Halo games or a futuristic Battlefield.

The space MMO is still in development. You can find the latest status on the release here: . Star Citizen talks about the release date


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