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SpaceX will hire a gifted 14-year-old boy as a software engineer

spacex will hire a gifted 14 year old boy as a software

It is often said that the older we are, the more experience and knowledge we have. As a general rule, this is usually the case, but it does not imply that it is a reality for some people who, from birth, are exceptional humans in terms of intelligence. Gifted human beings manage to finish their studies with excellent grades and can even skip courses. Here we have the case of a Gifted child or rather a genius among millions of people, since with 14 years old will be hired by SpaceX.

We are not all the same nor do we have the same physical or mental abilities compared to other people. There are those who consider themselves gifted and since they were little have shown a higher IQ that position them in this group of people. From here, there is a world of difference between this group of people, since there are those who excel in one type of intelligence or those who do it in everything. In the same way, there are gifted people who simply get good grades easily and others who end up graduating much earlier than usual.


SpaceX will hire Kairan Quazi, a gifted 14-year-old boy

Kairan Quazi Intel

This last case could be said to correspond to the geniuses or prodigies that we sometimes see on the news. Cases of adolescent children who have managed to finish university and are hired by large companies. This is precisely the case of Kairan Quazithe youngest person in graduate from Santa Clara UniversityCalifornia, an event that It hasn’t happened for almost 200 years.. Quazi will celebrate his graduation shortly and despite being only 14 years old, he already has a company interested in him.

This is none other than SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space transportation services company. Specifically, Quazi has reserved a position in SpaceX’s Starlink division after finishing hiss computer studies and engineering in college. In case you weren’t amazed at how far this gifted child has come, you should know that started college at the age of 9, literally half as much as everyone else. What’s more, shortly after enrolling, he was working as a AI Research Contributor for Intel Corporation.

Quazi will enter as a Starlink software engineer upon graduation


With such a professional career, we are facing a true prodigy that only appears once every many years. In fact, their IQ is higher than 99.9% of the population, thus one of the 11 million smartest people of the Earth, which has more than 8 billion inhabitants. As impressive as all of this is, Quazi isn’t perfect, and despite his high intelligence, he struggles in other areas. Specifically, the handwriting, spelling and note takingHe considers that these are his main weaknesses.


It also ensures that has trouble learning languagesSpecifically, his family’s Bengali and his tutor’s Mandarin. Now, his strengths far outweigh his weaknesses, which pale in comparison. SpaceX will hire Quazi as software engineer by Starlink and since he is too young to live independently, his family will move with him.

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