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Spectacular launch trailer provides a glimpse of the new co-op shooter – Here’s what to expect in Redfall

spectacular launch trailer provides a glimpse of the new co op

The new co-op shooter Redfall (PC, Xbox Series, Xbox Game Pass) will celebrate its release on May 2nd. The new launch trailer provides a glimpse of what to expect when developer Arcane Studios releases its latest game.

What game is Redfall? The game is set in the small town of Redfall, which is haunted by a dark fate. Vampires have the place in their power, so that the inhabitants are cut off from the outside world.


Now it’s up to you and your fellow players to defeat the dark forces. Up to 4 people can kill vampires in co-op.

Check out the new Redfall launch trailer below:


Redfall – Official Launch Trailer

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Redfall offers you an open world that tells stories through small details. You explore these with four playable characters, each with their own special abilities and skill trees. In addition, you have a variety of weapons and gadgets available to be successful in the vampire hunt.


Equipped with weapons such as shotguns, UV rays and sniper rifles, you slaughter various opponents: from weak bloodsuckers to strong bosses, everything is included. A vampire hunter’s inventory should also include pegs for staking.

But not only vampires, but also their followers, the cultists, make life difficult for you in Redfall.

If you kill vampires, you capture valuable loot, which you can use to make your characters stronger and stronger. It is up to you how you proceed against the bloodsuckers: Are you strategically on the move and tactically sneaking up on your opponents or do you loudly throw yourself into the fight?


What platforms is Redfall available for? The game will be released on May 2, 2023 for the Xbox Series X/S and PC platforms. The game should also be included in Game Pass from day one.

The open world in Redfall should be full of small details and exciting stories. Even among the NPCs there are conflicts:

New co-op shooter Redfall gets an adventurous open world – with merciless war between the NPCs