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Spider-Man 2 reveals how we will alternate in the game between Peter Parker and Miles Morales with a mechanic similar to GTA 5

this is how the character change will work in spider man

One of the great novelties of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which premieres on October 20 exclusively for PS5, is that we will be able to control both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. From Insomniac Games they have already clarified that the change between characters can be made at any time, but how exactly does it work? Below we review the keys to this mechanic that reminds us so much of the selection of the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto V.

In the last installment of the saga GTA, which by the way has just turned 10 years old, we can choose between any of the three main characters to play in the open world. In the missions, however, we could select those who were involved and there was not always the possibility of changing freely, since it depended on whether the mission wanted to tell us something or not. Something similar happens in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2it seems.


How switching between characters works in Spider-Man 2?

During the demo that we were able to try on Vandalwhich we talked about at length in our impressions, we were not able to test first-hand the change between characters of Spider-Man 2. However, we were able to play with each of the two protagonists since we were shown different points in the story. This is because There will be missions that can be undertaken only with Peter Parker, another with Miles Morales and others with either of the two.

In fact, during the last State of Play there was an extensive gameplay in which details about this mechanic were also shared: not only will we find main missions destined for one of the two Spider-Manbut also there will be secondaries focused on each of them. For example, there will be requests from Brooklyn seeking specific help from Miles Morales. This is something that It will be marked in the context menu itself which allows us to select the mission, as you can see below:


We can meet the other Spider-Man and join the

Another very curious detail that has been confirmed recently is that When we control one Spider-Man we can meet the other through the streets of New York. It was James Ham, associate director of animation at Insomniac Games, who confirmed in an interview that, for example, when we play with Miles Morales it is possible to meet Peter Parker fighting crime on your ownsomething that also happens in Grand Theft Auto V if we match two characters at the same point on the map. The best? We can join to the other Spider-Man to help him in his mission.


All this change between characters has a background the execution speed allowed by the PS5 SSD: Insomniac Games have reiterated on several occasions that going from one character to another will be practically immediate precisely thanks to the hardware of the new generation console. “When switching between the two heroes, The game zooms in to a bird’s eye view of New York City. Marvel and then approaches the selected Spider-Man again at another point in the city. It is a seamless and forceful demonstration of the SSD ultrafast of PS5″, we read on PlayStation Blog.