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Spider-Man 4 will only be released on one condition

spider man 4 will only be released on one condition

The Spider-Man franchise is surely one of the most valuable for the MCU because of its success. In this financially lucrative context, one suspects that expectations are high. What does the main interested party think?


While Spider-Man No Way Home was released in 2021, everyone is already wondering about a fourth episode. It must be said that with the monster success encountered by the franchise, expectations are very high. This is why the journalist Kevin Polowy asked questions to Tom Holland, interpreter of Peter Parker on the future of the superhero within the MCU. It’s all the more crisp that the young actor often makes blunders and does not hesitate to break non-disclosure contracts to tell the truth.

Spider-Man 4 already on the program?

Always very playful about his roles, Tom Holland explains during an interview with Kevin Polowy that he would be “happiest kid alive if he could play Spider-Man the rest of his life” adding in particular later that he was not sure to return for Spider-Man 4.


If we can’t find a way to compete with the third episode, that’s the end of it.

This answer is a bit half-hearted and we don’t really know what to think of the future of Spider-Man. Except that at the same time, the American actor gave a second interview to another medium, in this case the media Inverse. In it he declares without flinching:

Who knows if this project will succeed or not? But so far, it’s looking pretty good.

Without too much risk there is a great chance to think that a Spider-Man 4 with Tom Holland will indeed see the light of day.

When is Spider-Man 4 due?

For the moment there is no release date, some rumors suggest a window in 2024 without further details. But between the writers’ strike and the fact that this new Spider-Man movie doesn’t even have a director yet, it’s best not to hope too much for a few years. This is all the more true since Tom Holland wants to take a break of at least 1 year in his career after the trying filming of the series The Crowded Room. Still about the Marvel Superhero, Holland said he ‘would be honored to cast Miles Morales in a live action film, explaining:


How we do that, I don’t know, but if the opportunity arose, I’d jump on it.

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