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Spider-Man holds the key to the entire Marvel multiverse

Marvel confirms that Spider-Man has become the key to the multiverse.

The concept of multiverse or universes that coexist harmoniously It is one of Marvel’s strengths, as it has allowed him to explore all kinds of stories and possibilities for his heroes. That’s not counting the special events in which some characters assume the role of others, such as the time Miles Morales became Wolverine.

Beyond the fact that the multiverse is a concept continuously addressed by Marvel, the company you are about to change the approach you have given to this idea, as it is planned to make Spider-Man the center of everything. Next, we will tell you all the details, but you should know that this post contains spoilers of Edge of the Spider-Verse Comic #2.

How will Spider-Man become the new key to the Marvel multiverse?

As we have mentioned, the concept of different realities it’s a concept that Marvel has explored in recent years, bringing readers all sorts of possibilities and stories. However, in the most recent comic of Edge of the Spider-Verseit is confirmed that Spider-Man is will become the centerpiece of this entire multiverse.

The Web of Life and Destiny is the source of [los poderes de Spider-Man]( and what shapes the multiverse

The Web of Life and Destiny is the source of Spider-Man’s powers and what shapes the multiverse.

In the past, other stories like Spider-Geddon and Spider-Verse have hinted that there is a dimensional construction that shapes the multiverse and that originates from Earth-001. We refer to the Web of Life and Destinywhich is also the source of the spider powers of all the Spider-Men of various realities.

From this confirmation, it is made clear that Spider-Man will be the center of this entire multiverse, since the multidimensional network that provides him with his powers is what shapes the various timelines and realities that we have seen. However, although this is a very important concept, information about the origin of this network was not yet revealed, but all this has changed.

in the comic Edge of the Spider-Verseit is revealed to us that this Network has been created by Neith, an ancient deity from Earth-001, who also She was the daughter of Oshtur and Gaea. In other words, this network was nothing more than a celestial map for humanity. But that is not all, since the fact that it is on this Earth tells us that this is the center of the entire multiverse, not Earth-616 as used to be thought.

Earth-001 is the center of the multiverse

Earth-001 has become the center of the Marvel multiverse.

Earth-001 has become the center of the Marvel multiverse.

After these revelations that have been shown in the comic, it is clear that Earth-616 is not the most important of all, but Earth-001because it is the place where the Network of Life and Destiny is located, which is a kind of structure that maintains the order of all the universes that coexist.

However, although new information about this Network has been explained, it is still other questions remain related to the deities ancient, because it is not known if these are a single entity in the entire multiverse or if in each universe there is a version of each one. This is an interesting thing that Marvel has yet to answer.

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