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Spider-Man: the announcement everyone was waiting for! Several films confirmed

spider man: the announcement everyone was waiting for! several films confirmed

Spider-Man and its variations are currently bursting the big screen. The release of Across the Spider-Verse is the perfect opportunity to confirm the arrival of two films in addition to the sequel with Tom Holland.


Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse is now available in all theaters. The sequel to the one that has established itself as one of the best animated films of recent years has already won over critics and its first viewers. The returns are dithyrambic and this second adventure of Miles Morales in the multiverse is well on the way to exploding the records of its predecessor. A success, which could allow Peter Parker’s apprentice to finally have the right to the film that everyone has been hoping for for years. And he wouldn’t be the only one to star in a long-awaited feature film.

Two Spider-Man movies confirmed. Miles soon in the MCU?

Three declarations and a whole community is in turmoil. On the occasion of the release of Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse, producer Amy Pascal sat down with Variety to discuss Miles Morales’ future. The second Spider-Man will return in a third “Beyond the Spider-Verse” animated movie, due sometime next year. However, faced with the critical and commercial success of the adaptation and the growing popularity of the hero, Marvel has apparently given the green light for him to finally have his own film.

Amy Pascal has indeed confirmed that a live-action Spider-Man Miles Morales movie is in development. ” It happens “, she added to the american media. No other details have been revealed, the project should only be in the cards for the moment. The news is already delighting fans of the Marvel universe, who were quick to share their joy on the Web. Many are those who have called for the arrival of Miles in the MCU and their wish seems to be granted. And this is not the only hoped-for project that has been confirmed. Producer Avi Arad also brought good news. A animated film dedicated to Spider-Woman is also in the pipes. ” It will come sooner than you think,” he added. Again, we will have to wait before having more concrete information.


Spider Man 4 confirmed, but we’ll have to wait

what about Spider Man 4 with Tom Holland and Zendaya? The film is still in the cards, but the current writers’ strike in Hollywood has forced Marvel to put development on hold. ” Are we going to make another movie? Of course ! It’s in progress, but with the screenwriters’ strike, no one is working. We all support the movement and as soon as the situation is sorted out, we will start “said Amy Pascal. It’s not the only MCU project to be delayed. Thunderbolts and the series wonder-man were also put on hold when they were to start filming soon. It remains to be seen how much the current situation will impact the studio’s plans for its MCU.