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Spike had a controversial name in Japan and has been renamed

Foreman Spike or simply Spike (not to be confused with the enemy of SMB3) recently gained popularity again thanks to Super Mario Bros: The Movie. This character debuted in the arcade game vs. Wrecking Crew from 1984, which received a Famicom/NES adaptation known as Wrecking Crew. While the brothers Mario and Luigi work as building demolishers, Spike acts as a rival who in some scenarios hinders the work of the players.

In the animated movie Super Mario Bros, Spike is also devastating but the former boss of Mario and Luigi. Who also makes fun of the plumbing venture of his former employees. While in the West he has always been known as Spike, in Japan he was different. Spike’s name in Japan was ブラッキー, which translates to ‘Blackey’ or ‘Blacky’. For clear reasons, a term Nintendo thought could have racial connotations in 2023.

Spike Wrecking Crew Mario
spike in Super Mario Bros: The Movie.

through his Japanese official account on Twitter, the company announced the renaming of the character to Spike, as it has always been internationally. This on the occasion of the premiere of the film Super Mario Bros in Japan on April 28. Going forward, Spike’s character will remain Spike for the Japanese. The change is understandable, but the reason why they called it that in the beginning is incomprehensible. Interestingly, he had the same name as the Pokemon Umbreon in Japanese.

Spike has also had different aspects. in the puzzle game Wrecking Crew ’98His muscular appearance, with a mustache and red nose, made him look more familiar to Wario. In Mobile Golf it changed again for a style in the same vein as that of the animated film. The latter will be the standard desEsports Extrasgoing forward, but we don’t know if Nintendo has any new plans with Spike in Marioverse games and movies. For now the movie keeps going up as the video game adaptation highest grossing in history.

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