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Splatoon 3 announces its update 1.1.2 to fix bugs

Just this morning we were talking about Nintendo being aware of the Super Mollusks problem from the first Splatfest of Splatoon 3 after its release, and that it had warned of the future correction. Well, the big N hasn’t been long in coming: there’s a new update on the way. It’s about the update 1.1.2will arrive on September 29 in North America and the September 30 to Europe and Japan, so it is possible that, when you read these lines, it has already been released. And in it the bug of the Supermolluscs is tackled, but not only that. We tell you the details!


Splatoon 3 Update 1.1.2 Details

communication changes

  • Measures have been taken to address frequent communication errors at the end of battles or in Salmon Run, depending on the network environment.

Control Changes

  • Fixed an issue with the Dual Diffuser and Dampening buff where rolling while pressing ZR and ZL would stop firing and change to human form at the end of the dodge.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Lasher would result in two hits instead of one even if you only pressed ZR once, if you landed a horizontal hit right after a charged hit.

Battle Changes

  • Fixed a bug that caused immunity to damage for some time after the shield provided by the Cool Ball was destroyed.
  • Countermeasures to avoid the bug that affects the Drink Dispenser, which allowed players to go out of the map under certain circumstances when using it in the corners of certain maps.

other changes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when exiting locker customization after putting a frame into it.
  • Fixed a bug that affected the Catalog when reaching level 100 in case of a communication error.
  • Players who did not receive the Super Mollusks after viewing the final results of Splatfest will see the results announcement cinematic again and will be able to receive their rewards.

With this, a few problematic bugs have been detected and fixed. Tell us, have you been affected by any during your games?



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