Splatoon 3 can now be booked at GAME with an exclusive gift keychain

Tom Henry

Offered by GAME USA.

Splatoon 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch very shortly: the September 9 we will have it ready in the hybrid, that’s why in game They have already opened their reservations so that no one misses it on the day of its launch. In addition, as usual, those who pre-purchase this long-awaited and fun title will take home a very exclusive gift, a squid keychain ideal for true fans of splatoon.

New region, new maps, new weapons and new modes

In Splatoon 3 we will travel to Tinteliaa region characterized by its hot desert inhabited by the inkling Y octarians more tanned, although we can also visit its city, a chaotic city that serves as the heart of the sandy moor. Here the combats and territorial battles are the order of the day, taking advantage of the new natural settings that will give a fresh touch to this new installment of the saga. Not only will there be news regarding the maps, but also with new weapons such as a bow or the fearsome crabbot. Of course, in Splatoon 3 return the mode cooperative Salmon Run and a new new story mode in which we will discover the secrets of Alterna.

Remember, in game you can book now Splatoon 3which will be released on Switch on September 9.

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