Splatoon 3 exceeds 3 million sales in one weekend

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Tom Henry

Splatoon 3 exceeds 3 million sales in one weekend

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Since Splatoon came out on Wii U in 2015, many of us have become fans of the Inklings and Octarians. Nintendo had never had a shooter among its main IPs, and Splatoon, thanks to its freshness and gameplay, did the rest. Such was the success that with the release of the Nintendo Switch on the market, we were able to enjoy its second installment, Splatoon 2. Today, five years after this second serving of squid, and despite the criticism of many players, Splatoon 3 has been released to the market. Will this third installment be a success like the previous ones? We can already assume that yes.

Splatoon 3 exceeds 3 million copies in Japan in just one weekend

On September 9, the world was filled with ink thanks to the worldwide launch of Splatoon 3 for Nintendo Switch. Given the background of its two previous installments, a success was predicted for this new title. However, what was not expected is that this success came so early, and that is that Splatoon 3 has sold a whopping number of 3.45 million units in 3 days in Japan alone. These sales put Splatoon 3 directly into the Nintendo Switch “Million Games” list. But that’s not all, and this fact has made Splatoon 3 the Best-selling Nintendo Switch game in its first three days of release being a milestone for the company.


Despite the criticism received, we see that Splatoon 3 has started with great force, and we are sure that this will be the beginning of a long career. Although we haven’t published our review yet, we did get a first taste of it, so you can read our impressions here.


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