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Splatoon 3 Global Testfire: That’s how it is with the open beta of the switch exclusive

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It won’t be long before Splatoon 3 will finally appear. The next switch exclusive will focus on multiplayer, which is why many are wondering: Where is the Global Testfire?, so the beta for the shooter? We get to the bottom of the question and give you hope that maybe something will become known today.

Splatoon 3 Open Beta: This is the current status

This is what Nintendo says about it: We still don’t know if Splatoon 3 will even get a Global Testfire. It would be the first game that did not receive a pre-test. Since we cannot imagine that, we assume that an announcement is imminent.


When could the announcement take place? You shouldn’t have to wait too long. Because Nintendo is organizing its own Nintendo Direct for Splatoon 3 on August 10, 2022 at 3 p.m. German time. In addition to new maps, weapons and an insight into the single player, it is not unlikely that the Global Testfire will also be presented.

When could the open beta start?? With the release of the game already 30 days away on September 09, 2022, there is not much time left. It could probably be as early as this or next weekend. We will keep you updated after the Direct.

You can find out more about the upcoming issue of Direct here:

You need to know that in advance of the Global Testfire at Splatoon

In the past, Nintendo has released an open beta or at least a beta for Switch Online members for games with a multiplayer focus. So that should be the case with Splatoon 3 as well.

Is Switch Online required? This is currently not known, but not unlikely. This year there have already been two beta tests for Nintendo Switch Sports and Mario Strikers: Battle League Football. Both games required an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.


What will be playable? There will be a limited selection of game content based on the Global Testfire Sessions of the other Splatoon games. In addition to a training room, the only option was to try out the turf warfare mode in multiplayer. For this you had two different maps, four weapons and a selection of ready-made Inklings available. We assume it will be the same here.

To give you a glimpse of what Splatoon 3 is all about, check out the latest trailer here:


Splatoon 3 trailer reveals release date

How long will the Global Testfire be playable? Again, we can only speculate based on the predecessors. As is so often the case with Nintendo, the whole thing is only possible for a weekend and only at certain times. In probably two-hour sessions, which take place several times over three days, you can join the online servers and try out the game. Your progress will not be transferred to the full version.

Are you excited for a possible Splatoon 3 beta? do you even need a Global Testfire to be able to convince yourself of the game?