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Splatoon 3: How to Get Booster Shards for Enrizo

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Everything you need to know about earning boost shards.

The players of Splatoon 3 they are enjoying the multiplayer matches and the SplatFest festivals. In this game mode you can get many rewards such as t-shirts, shoes and accessories that have a direct impact on the gameplay. These objects are assigned by default power-ups that offer perks like increased primary weapon damage, movement speed, ink savings, and a long list of boosters. To customize these features you can get booster shards for Enrizo.

Enrizo is an old acquaintance of the franchise and a very useful character in Splatoon 3. from level 10. It is located at the entrance of the Lobby, on the right, going up the stairs of Tintelia’s square. The player can carry out errands to get objects that other users have. But what is really interesting is the possibility of change boosters, clear available slots, or increase the uniqueness of items. Two key elements come into play here: buff shards and buff shards. super molluscs.


The objects have a level of exclusivity that translates into a number of available slots (2 to 4 slots in total). This determines the object level and their usefulness, offering more experience in combat. between one thing and another, Enrizo can modify any item you have in your inventory, but it won’t come cheap. In this basic Splatoon 3 guide we explain how to get shards of enhancers for Enrizo to modify your clothes.

  • How to Get Booster Shards in Splatoon 3
  • How to add more slots to an object

How to Get Booster Shards in Splatoon 3

10 shards are needed to exchange one buff for another

Splatoon 3 is a game that constantly rewards the player in any modality. It doesn’t matter if you play territory battles, chaotic or co-op Salmon Run because they all offer interesting rewards. The experience gained increases the level of the items worn by the avatar at that time and so you get new boosters when the slot is empty. If there are no more spaces, you get a buff shard.

Although that is the easiest way to get those shards, they are also available in the salmon run rewards. You just have to do jobs for Mr. Bear and eliminate hordes of Salmonids to improve the prize bar. At the end you can claim the items, but they are random. It is impossible to choose the shards of the power-ups. Since it is also not possible to choose the content of the prize machineinside the Lobby. To extract balls you need money (a lot of money) or conches earned during the week leading up to SplatFest.


Here is also a random system that cannot be controlled, but the reward is worth it for accumulate shards slowly. Lastly, there is a very generous third method in Tintelia’s Abyssal Miscellaneous shop. You can increase the catalog level with experience from the matches and this will give you more prizes when you visit the store: badges, letters, stickers and other decorations for your locker. However, sporadically a surprise box which can contain a huge collection of x5 and x10 shards (of each one) that we have been able to see. Below you have a summary with all the methods to get fragments of power-ups in Splatoon 3:

  • Level up items in multiplayer games.
  • Buy balls from the prize machine.
  • As Salmon Run rewards.
  • Surprise box in Abyssal Miscellany.

Enrizo is located next to the Lobby door

Finally, mention that it is quite difficult change boosters to your liking To modify secondary buffs 10 shards needed of the same buff, while the main skill needs up to 45. This means that you have to play many games to fully customize your most precious items. then you can save favorite outfits to combine with your available arsenal of weapons.

How to add more slots to an object

All this traffic of fragments makes us also talk about the Supermolluscs, essential for upgrade items with Enrizo. This character offers us several services to modify the enhancers, in addition to those already mentioned. can be reassEsports Extrasbuffs of objects that have all slots filled. It’s a random process which swaps all secondary abilities for other ones, paying a number of Super Mollusks.


Enrizo offers many services to improve items with power-ups

The same thing happens if you want to improve the category of an object to add more slots. It is paid by Super Molluscs and you can get a generous amount at the splatfests, depending on the rank you reach. Splatoon 3 consistently rewards players for connecting to play multiplayer games especially. Also remember that the festival t-shirt has 4 slots by default and clean it it only costs 2000 coinswhile all other items cost 20,000 in total.

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