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Splatoon 3 lets the ink fly today

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The adventure in Splatsville begins now! This sun-scorched district is the scene of Splatoon 3. Here heated competitions, tentacular fashion, crazy color weapons and of course – as is usual in the everyday life of Inklings and Octolings – a massive splash of color after the other await the Nintendo switch-Players: inside. The new trailer also gives an insight into the colorful action Splatoon 3 – Now available! on the Nintendo YouTube channel.

The players of Splatoon 3 can look forward to three main modes:

  • In the classic turf war* two teams of four compete to ink more space than their opponents
  • In cooperative mode Salmon Run four of you have to fend off the attacking waves of nasty salmonid bosses and collect gold fish eggs.
  • In the new story mode The Return of the Mammalian in turn, single players slip into the role of Agent:in 3 to show treacherous Octarians where the hammer is.

As in the two previous games, it will also be in Splatoon 3 give regular multiplayer online events, the so-called Splatfests*.

The latest title in the popular action series appeals to seasoned warriors of color as well as newcomers who are diving into the colorful world of the Inklings and Octolings for the first time. This is ensured by a lot of new features as well as well-known game modes that have been expanded and revised:

Coloring the way to victory: Players can splatter ink anywhere with their paint guns. If they hit their opponents, they are temporarily disabled. If they switch to swimming form, they can dive into their own team’s color and jet through the arena at lightning speed. They can even swim up walls, slip through fences and refill their paint tanks in this ingenious way. The squid roll and the wall jump are new moves that make them even more agile.

A brightly colored arsenal: All of the color weapons from previous games are back, along with some new ones. Players can crush the competition with reels, color them up close with the new Splatana, and stay nice and fluid with the help of the new potion tank. Or they can turn the tide of battle in their favor with a variety of special abilities.

Playing with friends: All in the lobby of Splatoon 3 accessible modes (with the exception of Anarchy Fight (Series)) can be played together with friends. A novelty in the series: After the end of a game, the game can be continued in a fixed group. Also via the local connection of Nintendo Switch console several friends who are in the same place can let off steam in different modes.

turf wars: In this online multiplayer mode*, two teams of four compete in a three-minute match to paint the largest area in their team color. New arenas such as Striped Eel Road, Searing Chasm, Eelsteel Metalworks, and Razor Clam Reservoir are added in Splatoon 3 well-known locations such as the Pinakoithek, the Mackerel Bridge and the Mahi-Mahi-Resort. A total of twelve arenas are already waiting for the players on the first day of sale. Nintendo will add more after launch through free updates.


Splatfest: In these regular online multiplayer events, players choose one of three Splatfest teams and compete in 4v4 turf battles. A new twist is added with the turbulent Tricolor Battles: a mode in which three teams compete against each other at the same time. The first-placed team has to defend itself in exciting 4v2v2 matches.

Anarchy Fight: This mode presents the skills of each Splatoon 3-Fans to the test. In four changing modes, you have to fight your way up the rankings in targeted color battles. Anarchy Battle (series) is for Inklings who want to face the challenge alone. For those who prefer to get together with good friends, Anarchy-Kampf (Open) is the right alternative.


Salmon Run: In this fast-paced co-op mode, players must work together to fend off waves of nasty Salmonid bosses. This mode is now playable at any time.

Return of the Mammalian: In the new story mode, single players must fight as Agent:in 3 hairy battles against unruly Octarians and uncover the mysteries of Alterna and the Fluffy Plasma. This mode provides ideal training for the challenges of multiplayer matches.

Personalization: Splatoon 3 offers new and expanded options for character desEsports Extrasand equipment. The chicest outfits, the coolest winning poses, the coolest decorations for your personal locker and much, much more can be found in the virtual stores of Splatsville as well as in the seasonal catalog that changes every three months. The in-game Season 1 Catalog is available today. For the future, Nintendo is planning further free updates as well as extensive paid downloadable content.


The tickets to Splatsville are booked: Starting today, the players in Splatoon 3 exciting color battles!

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