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Splatoon 3 reveals a new map and its post-apocalyptic origin

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Get your paint guns ready, because Splatoon 3 is just around the corner. Nintendo’s quintessential shooter saga will return to stores on September 9, exclusively for the hybrid console.

Without going any further, you can already reserve Splatoon 3 in GAME stores and get a beautiful keychain as a gift. Remember that this new installment will bring many more customization options for our heroes.


We really want to rock Splatoon 3, but fortunately Nintendo reveals new details frequently. We’ve seen a new underground map, campaEsports Extraslocations, a useful secondary weapon…


Splatoon 3 – Territory Battle Mode


Today is the turn of a new splatoon 3 map. This is in line with the post-apocalyptic touch of the game, and we also know the origin of this scenario.

Via a tweetNintendo has presented the map Scrapping Grouper. At first glance it looks like an old factory in the middle of the desert, although it hides a few secrets about its origins.

Mero Junkyard is a new multiplayer scenario and it has been built from scrap in order to generate… even more scrap if possible. A long time ago there was a sea in this place, but it evaporated leaving behind a veritable wasteland” says the description.


The particularity of Desguace Mero is that once was a sea. However, the cataclysm that devastated the world caused it to evaporate… and everything ended in a junkyard like Mad Max.

Everything indicates that Mero Scrapyard matches in Splatoon 3 will be quite a challenge. There are quite a few covers to protect us, as well as cranes and trampolines to move at high speed around the map.


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In the tweet that we have inserted you can see a small video about the map. The truth is It looks quite similar to those we have already seenand is that Splatoon 3 will be a very particular installment within the series.

Splatoon 3 will hit stores next September 9, available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Have you ever wondered why Switch Online has connection errors? Reggie Fils-Aimé, former president of Nintendo of America, has spoken about it.