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Splatoon 3 reveals new maps, unpublished weapons and game modes in a direct full of news

The title expands the player experience with the return of Splatfests and an additional minigame.

With a release date getting closer, Nintendo has decided to further raise the expectations of the community around Splatoon 3 with a new direct. And, although the Japanese firm had already presented various details of experience, including both new maps and weapons to ensure victory, has now surprised us with a broadcast full of news.

Splatoon 3 will feature 12 stages that will be available on launch dayNintendo’s streaming has kicked off with images of the town of Tintelia, but it hasn’t taken long to drive the conversation to the core of Splatoon 3: the battles. After all, the Inklings will be able to hold their paint fights in 12 scenarios that will be available on launch day. Here we will find new locations and places that will sound like any player in the franchise, but from the Big N they promise to continue expanding this content with free updates.

Splatoon 3

Continuing with the confrontations, the direct has also shown some of the weapons that we can use in the contests. This includes new features such as the Breeze Lashera weapon type making its debut in Splatoon 3: “Launch ink with the Breeze Lasher or perform a charged sweep to give enemies the octopus,” Nintendo comments on Twitter.

The Breeze Lasher, Drink Dispenser, Wave Emitter and Floashark are some of the new weaponsAdded to this are other implausible ideas such as the Drink dispenserwhich is presented as a structure that allows us to increase the speed of our Inkling in battle, or the Emitwaves, which can kill enemies in a certain radius. Finally, the direct has also left a gap for the flotiburona kind of temporary mount that propels us forward in a torrent of paint and ends up exploding.

Splatoon 3 Image

Events and game modes

Although the battles of Splatoon 3 already offer a challenge with which to entertain themselves for hours, from Nintendo they remember that these confrontations can be interrupted by the event BigRun, in which salmonids try to invade Tintelia from time to time. Beyond this, the delivery also confirms the return of the splatfest with the Surimi Clan: three characters (Megan, Angie and Rayan) who will star in each of these festivals.

The Carterritorial Fight proposes battles of 1 vs. 1 with trading cardsAs if that were not enough, Nintendo has also taken paint battles to an unprecedented format: the Carterritorial Struggle. Via 150 collectibles that take the form of cards, we can participate in a kind of online games of 1 vs. 1 in which we must dominate the territory using the shapes that appear on each card, which will force us to think about each move both to advance on the stage and to hide the color of the opponent.

Splatoon 3 image

Story mode and customization

In Story Mode, we will face an Octarian armySplatoon 3’s Story Mode has also starred in part of Nintendo’s direct with new images and news. The so-called ‘Return of the mammals‘ will take us through several levels as Agent 3, the latest addition to the Gill Commando who will have to face an Octarian army covered in hair for some strange reason.

Throughout the broadcast, Nintendo reiterates several times that the Inklings stand out both for their painting battles and for their style. In this way, the game opens new avenues of customization both with accessories for our character and with the possibility of decorating our personal locker, a small space that will present the desEsports Extrasof all those players with whom we have been playing games.

Splatoon 3 image

Finally, the direct of Splatoon 3 has also promised to expand the content of the delivery through free updates, with a new catalog of weapons every three months and unpublished scenarios, as well as X battles and tournament battles. Also, Nintendo has already dropped that their game will contain paid DLC in the future, though players will also have the opportunity to decorate their houses with amiibo new.

Of course, Splatoon fans have good reason to get excited about the release of this new installment, which will arrive on Nintendo Switch next year. September 9. Also, at Esports Extras we have been thinking of 4 ideas to improve Nintendo’s best multiplayer shooter, although this broadcast of Splatoon 3 already makes it clear to us that the Big N goes for all with this title.

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