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Splatoon 3: what is SplatNet 3 and how does it work

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Basic guide to learn how to use and claim rewards in SplatNet 3 from Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 has just landed on Nintendo Switch and is already giving away exclusive items. Players can get rewards for the game in many different ways: importing the data from Splatoon 2, with the amiibos or with the application of nintendo switch online. This latest feature is now available to all users, new and veteran alike, and a full guide is below. to use SplatNet 3 and get the first free gift that Nintendo offers.

It’s about a unique badge background that can be obtained through a QR code on SplatNet 3. A welcome gift that will be appreciated by any nintendo gamerbut you need to install the Nintendo Switch Online app first. SplatNet 3 is a function which is part of this app and is synced with the same profile you are logged in to. From this option you can see the match stats such as catalog level, own weapons arsenal or the details of the multiplayer games.


How SplatNet 3 works: step by step

It is quite a useful function for configure game skins no need to go into the console like saving your favorite outfits. SplatNet 3 meets inside the app official Nintendo Switch Online, available for iOS and Android. So the first thing you have to do is install this app on your mobile phone and then log in with the email address associated with your nintendo account. If you have two-step verification activated, you will have to use the code it generates Google Authenticator To access.

Download Nintendo Switch Online app for AndroidDownload Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS

After entering the application, you can now browse the SplatNet 3 full menu. Today we show you how to download the Nintendo welcome gift, but you can do it whenever they give away something from Splatoon 3. In the following lines you have all the steps to follow and how to use the QR code scanner.

  1. Download Nintendo Switch Online on your device.
  2. Enter your credentials to login.
  3. If you have 2-Step Verification: Open Google Authenticator and use the code it generates.
  4. Once inside, Choose [Splatoon 3] in [Servicios específicos para juegos].
  5. Go into [Códigos QR] and scan the code shared by Nintendo (pictured).

The gifts that are obtained in the game or through the application must be claim in the lobby. Approach the lobby terminal and enter [Premios] where awaits you your first gift for playing Splatoon 3. Throughout the game you will visit this menu many times to collect everything you find in Story mode, especially cards for the Carterritorial or locker decorations.

The SplatNet 3 menu has a lot information about your profile in Splatoon 3. In addition to match history, there is a calendar to know all the times of the multiplayer games, including the Salmon Run, or the date of the next Splatfest when announced. In the same way you can see your friends who are online, so we recommend that you take a look from time to time because it offers very useful information.

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