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Splatoon 3 will reward the most loyal players in the saga with different rewards

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Those who have played Splatoon 2 will be able to transfer part of the progress to the third installment of Nintendo Switch.

Little by little we are approaching the launch of Splatoon 3, the next great exclusive of switch that will bring back the light-hearted shooter action to the hybrid console. The last Direct left us with a video loaded with news of what we can expect, but there is more information shared by the company.


Nintendo itself has explained through the game’s official website that it will reward Splatoon 2 users in different ways. The most obvious is allowing transfer part of the progress from the previous delivery to the new one, transferring through the Nintendo Account aspects such as player level, ranks, items, and gear.


Splatoon 2 save file neededBut the thing does not end here, and that is that those who have played Splatoon 2 will receive three Gold Sheldon licenses to buy main weapons, regardless of level, as well as being able to unlock anarchy battles early on and start the game at a higher rank, matching users based on level. The only requirement for all this is have a Splatoon 2 save file in the console.


Although we will be able to try it out in a free trial first, the truth is that there is very little left to play Splatoon 3, since the new numbered installment of the franchise is released on Nintendo Switch next september 9. We have high hopes for the game, which aims to be one of the great releases of this year 2022.

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