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Splinter Cell Remake will not be as faithful to the original and Ubisoft advances changes that would take it away from what a remake is

Splinter Cell It is one of the bets for the future of a Ubisoft that seems that at the beginning of the month it bet everything on the assassins card. With 5 Assassin’s Creed announced, in addition to a series produced by Netflix, many of us might think that the Gauls do not hide more IPs up their sleeves, but we would not be forgetting Beyond Good & Evil 2, The Division or Splinter Cell, protagonist of this news. No, we would like to state that we have a confirmed date, but what is relevant today is that Splinter Cell Remake it will not be a remakerather a saga reboot.

An updated version of the 2002 game sounds great to some, but it doesn’t seem like it will gel within the Ubisoft Toronto team. If we look at the strictest meaning of the word remakewe talk about “Redo“, in this case, a game adapting it to the current hardware without modifying (or the least) the hard core of the experience. Something that, according to the PSU medium, does not fit into Ubisoft’s plans as much as it does update history from the original game.

This information, obtained after the update of the Canadian team’s hiring section, anticipates that this future launch would seek a story “for a modern audience“. Although it may sound drastic, it seems that this change of heart regarding the first chronological adventure of Sam Fisher would not leave aside the original spirit of the game.

In fact, in the writer’s job description, Ubisoft wants to “use the first game as a base, rewriting and updating the story.” “You will help create a cohesive and compelling narrative experience for a new audience of Splinter Cell players,” the job description continues.

At the moment, we do not know if this last sentence could make clear the intention of the Gauls to build a new saga on this installment. Ubisoft would seek to go little by little and, in the case of this new installment in a decade, it seems that it would seek to replicate 2019’s Modern Warfare with a new story without neglecting past connections.

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