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Square Enix does not plan to release a new expansion for Final Fantasy XIV in 2023

The story of Final Fantasy XIV it has become one of the most famous in the industry on its own merits. What began as a true . disaster, ended up becoming one of the most beloved, acclaimed and important titles of the entire genre.attracting millions of players who have been able to enjoy an epic epic that lasted an entire decade until concluding with the release of endwalkerits most recent expansion.

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No plans to release a new expansion this year

Although with its latest updates a new story has begun, now Square Enix has just revealed in its latest financial report that it does not plan to launch any expansion this 2023 nor of Final Fantasy XIV nor of Dragon Quest Xhis other great ..

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As detailed in this document, the company is going to focus its efforts this year on retaining its players with various initiatives so that the subscriber base is maintained and does not decrease over the months. Considering that endwalker release in 2021, this would break the title’s “tradition” of releasing an expansion every two years.

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The end of an era

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is the finishing touch to a whole decade of hard work that concludes in an unbeatable way one of the most fascinating stories that have ever been written for a video game”, we conclude in the analysis that we dedicate to its most recent expansion.