Square Enix reveals new details of the world of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

Tom Henry

square enix reveals new details of the world of dragon

Square Enix, has revealed new and interesting details of the upcoming RPG Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. In particular, the information is about the world in which the game will take place, Nadiria, some story data, her characters and the monsters that will become part of our party.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince It takes place in the world of Nadiria, being one of the areas of the underworld that is dominated by monsters. It is divided into territories called circles, which in turn, is made up of three planes: the lower, the middle and the upper. Nadiria undergoes the changes of the seasons of the year Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and this influences the behavior and changes in the habits of the monsters that inhabit it.

As for characters, Psaro was cursed by his father, the King of Nadiria, but despite that, he plans to become the best tamer and defeat his father. Psaro has the help of Rosa and Fumata, two allies who have their own abilities to help the protagonist. We will also have the presence of Peluchy, a strange creature that is looking for the best tamer in the world and joins our team.

As has been the tradition in the Monsters sub-saga, the main character, Psaro, uses the collection of monsters with whom he establishes friendship ties and they help him in combat. Psaro has a curse imposed by his father that prevents him from harming any creature and that is why he uses the monsters that he trains. The interesting thing is that he can mix different creatures and create new, more powerful monsters with the power of Synthesis. There will be more than 500 types of monsters in the game. The game has a revamped monster shuffling system, somewhat reminiscent of Atlus’ Persona series.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince it is scheduled to launch on December 1, 2023. You can see some screenshots below.

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