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Squid Craft 2: which participants were eliminated on day 3

Day 3 of the Squid Craft 2 began with 128 participants. This third day (3) began full of suspense thanks to the appearance of a series of graffiti in the rest area of ​​the Squid Craft 2 participants.

Pelicanger at the start of day 3 of Squid Craft 2.

The graffiti was reminiscent of the games on days 1 and 2 and according to some participants predicted the activities of day 3 of Squid Craft 2. But before we tell you which participants were eliminated in day 3 of Squid Craft 2, we let you know that the things with guard Ibai have moved on a bit more.

Take advantage of the index and jump to review the information you need about the eliminated of the third day (3) -and the previous ones- of the Squid Craft 2.

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Will Ibai manage to keep the prize?

It should be noted that before starting the first game of day 3 of Squid Craft 2, some participants were “removed overnight. In this period of time, 14 participants were eliminated, among which is the American ‘streamer’ Dreams. this participant was eliminated from an attack perpetrated by El Rich MC and Soy Farfadox.

Pelicanger squid day 3
Emikukis, a streamer from Colombia, was not one of those eliminated at night in Squid Craft 2.
  • Skain
  • Werlib
  • spursito
  • noah
  • Grefg
  • Knecro
  • tense up
  • Zilverk
  • dreams
  • Alecmolon
  • nissaxter
  • Carol
  • little gem
  • xokas
The Grefg was attacked from behind during the night and these were his last seconds.

Complete list of participants eliminated from “Easter Eggs”, the first game of day 3 of Squid Craft 2

Pelicanger squid day 3

In “Easter Eggs” the participants were grouped by colors and by teams. They had to collect eggs or prevent the rival team from collecting them. In the end, the team with the most eggs in their bases was the winner. Many participants were eliminated in “Easter Eggs” and as a result now there are only 56 competing ‘streamers’ or content creators left for day 4 of Squid Craft 2.

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  • Auron
  • Ampeter
  • jackymaster
  • Chick
  • Nuvia
  • quackity
  • Rubius
  • gonch
  • ezquimalito
  • cristinini
  • farfadox
  • Ander
  • Donato
  • adcshiro
  • manucraft
  • bidding
  • JuanSGuarnizo
  • Alkapone
  • late
  • Speed
  • foolish
  • Keroro
  • reborn
  • Nuvia
  • sell
  • Agustin
  • magnetized
  • Jelly
  • Ander
  • reroot
  • capitangato
  • Nimu
  • ElMariana
  • dylantero
  • Genesis
  • emikukis
  • robleis
  • Dess
  • German Garmendia
  • Tanizen
  • XQC
  • Destroy
  • Sofia
Pelicanger squid day 3
This is the full list of Squid Craft 2 contestants eliminated on Day 3.

At what time do the competitions start on day 4 of Squid Craft 2?

Unfortunately, Colombian streamer Emikukis was eliminated along with her team on day 3 of Squid Craft 2.

On the 4th of the Squid Craft 2 will only have the participation of one of the four Colombian ‘streamers’. Since, Pelicanger was the only ‘streamer’ from Colombia to come out alive on day 3 of Squid Craft 2. This competition takes place from February 28 to March 5. So if you don’t know what the dynamics of this activity is like and are wondering what time the competitions of the second day of Squid Craft 2 start, we will tell you below:

  • Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru: 1:00 PM
  • Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador: 12:00 noon
  • Venezuela and Bolivia: 2:00 PM
  • Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay: 3:00 PM
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In this image you can see what time the competitions of day 4 of the Squid Craft 2 begin.

Laughter was not lacking on the third day of Squid Craft 2 thanks to the occurrences of Ibai, who continues to be the “showman” of the guards at the event.