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Stadia would have canceled Kojima a sequel to Death Stranding, according to sources

That Kojima Productions was working on a video game for Stadia It is something that is taken for granted in the sector, although it has never really been officially confirmed. Now that Google’s cloud gaming platform has announced its definitive closure, the information about this relationship has gained strength and gained details, always remaining in the unofficial sphere.

According to a source close to the 9to5Google medium, Stadia would have canceled a project by Hideo Kojima that would consist of a continuation singleplayer of Death Stranding. It is emphasized that this was a single-player idea for several reasons: to distance it from the original game proposal, whose asymmetric mechanics take advantage of multiplayer in a very interesting way, and to explain the supposed reasons behind this cancellation.

Apparently, from Stadia they would have canceled the project considering that the games singleplayer they have no future. According to the source that has revealed these details, the game would have received the green light from Google and would even have begun to develop, but finally is canceled in mid 2020 after Stadia could see the first images and mockup.

The game canceled by Stadia could have been recovered by Xbox

It was precisely in May 2020 when Hideo Kojima himself commented that a large project had been canceled: “A large project has recently been cancelled.So I’m pretty upset. But that’s the way the industry is”, he said in an interview. However, in his statement he also claimed to continue working on said project: “It’s still in the early stages of planning so I can’t say much, but I am actively working on it“.

In fact, subsequent information speaks that this project will be the same one that Kojima Productions will be developing now for its collaboration with Xbox, which precisely use technology in the Microsoft cloud. His supposed name was leaked, overdoseand some extra details: it would be a horror title starring the actress Margaret Qualeywho plays Mama in Death Stranding. Kojima recently showed an image of what would be his next game, although what it is has not yet been officially specified.

While Hideo Kojima’s project seems to be going ahead, Stadia shutting down its servers on January 18, 2023 in a decision that has caught even the developers themselves by surprise.


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