Star Citizen will reward its most active players and will do so through the test server | Top News

star citizen will reward its most active players and will

Tom Henry

Star Citizen will reward its most active players and will do so through the test server | Top News

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The creators of Star Citizen have decided to change the way users will test their game. Indeed, that Esports Extrasntic MMO-like space simulation game which has been in production since 2010 has just modified the system of its public test universe (PTU).

And although it may not seem particularly striking, it is quite important. As Cloud Imperium Games has commented, it is necessary to control the system of access in waves to the same. As more and more players have entered over time, the costs have gone up and the value of the tests has gone down.

Star Citizen will change the way they work with test servers

And not because the players have not done their part, but because the server has experienced performance issues because of the high number of users who participate in these tests. Many of the players who have joined the PTU have wanted to explore new content, not surprisingly, which has caused these failures.

As reported by Zona ., from now on the studio will invite players to the test server in controlled waves to prevent this situation from happening again. In fact, they will reward those who have been most active with invitations to these tests.

Without a doubt, it is a very interesting change, since, with this, Cloud Imperium Games will be able to carry out more controlled tests while reduce the load on servers. And although it is clear that a greater number of tester provides more data, it is just as true that —in his case— it seems that he did not fully compensate.

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