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Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster announced for consoles and PC

star wars: dark forces remaster announced for consoles and pc

The developer of System Shock Remake and Quake 2 Enhanced Edition, Nightdive Studios, is working on Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster. It’s coming to Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch. It is a current version of the first-person action title that shows improved images and remastered scenes.

Running on the studio’s KEX engine with 4K, 120 FPS support and advanced 3D rendering, it also supports modern gamepads and trophies/achievements. Considering the original title was first released in February 1995 for MS-DOS, seeing the classic art style updated like this is pretty cool.


No release date has been announced for the remaster, but Nightdive will reveal it later this year. Set during the original trilogy, Star Wars: Dark Forces centers on the mercenary Kyle Katarn, who discovers the Dark Trooper Project run by the Empire. Fighting for the Rebel Alliance, he seeks to oppose the project’s powerful new creations.

You can check out the announcement trailer below.