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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor bug can destroy your save – Here’s how to avoid it

star wars jedi: survivor bug can destroy your save

Jedi: Survivor fans got stuck in the game and had to start from scratch.

Jedi: Survivor fans got stuck in the game and had to start from scratch.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was released last week and was well received, but with significant cutbacks in technology. But not only the unsteady frame rate and tearing cause problems for fans.

Also this: Now Reddit users are also complaining about being completely “stuck” in a section of the game. A nasty error prevents you from continuing to play, so the only solution is a new save. Or in other words: Your old save is gone. We’ll tell you what you have to do to make sure you don’t feel the same way.


This is the mistake and this is how you avoid it

Already in the first hours of the game you are on the planet Koboh, where you meet a droid with a problem. You reach the so-called “Chamber of Duality”, help the droid and then take an elevator.

Now comes the crucial point: You will find a meditation point here. You should definitely activate this, even if it is not necessary to heal yourself or distribute skill points.

The problem can arise when you ride the elevator, do NOT activate the meditation point and then die. According to Reddit user Weird_Cantaloupe2757, you will then spawn again in the Chamber of Duality – only that the elevator cannot be opened and you are “softlocked”, i.e. completely stuck.


Since the meditation point acts as a checkpoint, this will not happen to you if you activate it after the elevator ride. You can read the whole thing again on Reddit here:

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This happened to other players too

Weird_Cantaloupe2757 is so frustrated with this bug that the user states further down in the post that he or she is trying to get the money back from the PlayStation Store. User aleotoremember is also stuck at this point:

That happened to me last night too. Tried to get out for 45 minutes. I even noticed a spot for the grappling hook and thought maybe that would help. No. The range of the ascent cable is not sufficient for this.


The Reddit user goes on to report that he finally started a new save and notes that at least it doesn’t take too long to get back to this point. Nevertheless, it is of course annoying to waste time in this way and not be able to continue the adventure regularly. With this tip you should at least be spared that.

Have you also stumbled across bugs that are currently making it very difficult for you to play Jedi: Survivor – or is everything going smoothly for you?