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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor hides a clever detail in plain sight to know if a streamer is lying to you with his ability

star wars jedi: survivor hides a clever detail in plain

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is now available worldwide. The sequel to one of the best installments of the galactic saga developed by Respawn Entertainment has encountered major performance issues on its launch and a wave of negative reviews on Steam. Even so, this does not mean that we should not be happy about details like these, which help us to know if someone, a streamer or content creator, is lying to us with their departure in a game. detail hidden in plain sightbut Very ingenious.


The difficulty of the games is a debate that, although it does not go out of style, is already hackneyed. With each souls a new one reappears, especially if we talk about a work created by FromSoftware. Jedi: Survivor Follow That Trail semi-soulslike that Jedi has already left: Fallen Order, and depending on which difficulty we choose, a very, very small icon will appear on the screen.

There we can see two points, each one indicates a level of difficulty in different games


This has been confirmed by the content creator in TikTok Hidden Gaming Details just 1 hour ago. As those of you who have played will know, we have 5 difficulty modes depending on the challenge or experience we have, and once you select one, the player interface will not let you lie to anyone by placing a series of dots next to life bar:

  • 1 point in the upper left corner, you are playing it in Story Mode.
  • 1 point in the upper right corner, Padawan Jedi.
  • 1 point in the lower right corner, you play it in Jedi Knight.
  • 1 point in the upper left corner for Jedi Master.
  • 2 points marked diagonally indicates that we are facing the Jedi Grand Master difficulty mode.

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A very subtle detail that will help to know if someone is not lying when they send us screenshots of their game making kills without stopping, and without dying. There is nothing wrong with choosing according to what difficulty level and sometimes enjoying a game in its easiest mode doesn’t have to be ashamed of us. He gaming It’s not homogeneous, but it’s a nice detail to make sure that whoever uploads some content isn’t lying about how difficult it is.

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Regarding the game fixes, Respawn Entertainment is already aware of the problems and they are working on solutions in the short and medium term. Even so, the gaming community is upset because the game is far from offering a good experience even on very powerful computers. Although the consoles do not escape the problem either.

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