Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Shows Video Detailing The Five Fighting Stances

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor It has been in a constant marketing campaEsports Extrasto present its virtues. It has been looking to make improvements over its predecessor in several key aspects, from more intricate storytelling and larger maps with more detail to a greater variety of enemy types and more. Another area where the game is looking to make some improvements is combat, primarily with the inclusion of five separate combat stances. In a video courtesy of Esports ExtrasFirst, these five combat stances have revealed new details, with more light on what unique attributes each of them will feature.

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Starting with the single sword stance, which will be his default early game stance, and is described as a jack-of-all-trades approach with medium distance and power. The Dual Blade Stance, meanwhile, is the “benchmark crowd control stance” that is slower and has a shorter range, but deals more damage. Then there’s the Twin Blade stance, which will have Kal Kestis attacking much faster, but also make him very vulnerable to damage, thus placing a greater emphasis on dodging and fast movement.

Additionally, it will introduce two completely new stances in the form of the Cross Guard Stance and the Blaster Stance. The former is the slowest and has the shortest range of all the stances, but deals the most damage, and also allows you to wield a lightsaber that comes with a cross guard on top of its hilt, similar to Kylo Ren’s saber.

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Finally, the Blaster stance, as the name suggests, will allow Cal to use a Blaster, and will be the most effective stance for long-range solutions. There will still be limits to how far you can shoot, so the game won’t suddenly turn into a shooter with the Blaster stance, but it will still have a much greater range than the other four options.

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Each stance will also have its own unique skill tree, and while only two of them can be equipped at any given time, players will be able to switch at meditation spots.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor launches on April 28 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. You can watch the trailer below.